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The human computer

Humanity developed, somewhere in the eons of times, something like a computer chip in their mind, that act as a strong believe that all old patterns had to be carried very well.

Do not forget that the human is a huge control freak. Let me say it this way.

Suppose that the human is a computer. To let the computer work there are many processes needed. When you connect new device, you have to modify this device to your computer to let them “speak” together. 

Mostly you need a driver to overcome this language barrier. If you don’t do this it may come to a conflict with another program or other connected devices. The same lookalike is now going on with humans. There is somewhere in the human an old version of a program, and this is need to be changed/replaced. The problem is that humanity has a very strong virus protection that he wills not easy turn off. In any case not before he is sure that it doesn’t harm. In the eons of time it often has been very well that this protection was there. It protected humans for hacking or crashes of its computer.

Now humanity is going through a time, that he has to turn off this virus protection, because when he leaves it on the computer the computer will jam, and you can’t do anything with it anymore. The only option for a “normal” working computer is to turn off this virus protection, without knowing if this will solve anything. The only thing people can build on is to believe and relay on what the computer expert says about it. That this doesn’t harm you and that it is normal that you’re computer act strange. Unfortunately there’ve been too many experts that told the human at so many different ways that he don’t know anymore which way to choose. What people have to do is to build up much more self confidence and to trust their own feelings.

I hope that I made it clear a little bit, where every human have to deal with. Humanity has to put every program that fits on a computer on his own computer. Anyway the connections been made so they are conscious that every computer is equal. The people can choose to use a program or not. He is not obligated to know all this programs in once, and don’t have to re-install programs that are already on its computer. The people only have to realize that the only difference between their computer and any other computer in the world is the way how programs are getting used or were not used at all. But this doesn’t make one computer better than the other. It is simple the way of using a program that it seems like a program is different of the other.

Out of experience in the past, the humanity has developed the idea that the computer doesn’t work anymore when you delete this chip.In this case, when you don’t use the old patterns nothing is possible.

To dare to change these patterns you need courage, but above all the willingness to delete this chip and letting go the old patterns.

Humans have a natural tendency to extremely hold on to the patterns they known and the fear of failure is high. People even goes so far that they stay in that old pattern; even while they are aware that it is uncomfortable and painfully,only because it is so it is or they find they should not be whining or they find it too much trouble to change.

This all is only because of the deep collective trauma of the human being that they should and may not fail, but also that we all know that we have failed sometimes.

So humanity learned, in the eons of time that, when something not went out satisfactorily, to put the cause out of their selves because they thought there was no other solution. 

Now in this time people are going to see that there are solutions for everything, but now humanity has so little self confidence that they do not really trust this. Almost everyone can speak about an experience in their life a situation that they had the courage to change and when it didn’t work out so quickly, this were seen as a failure true others.

Look at it this way.You were an example and excuse for others to do nothing in that direction.

Everyone walks around with a piece of pain.

Whether this comes from this or previous lives, is not important, but it is the pain you have to deal with and that pain should and can be dissolved.

©Thea Lagendijk


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