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Contact and UFO,s

My family above gave me the information that from 2009 until 2012 there shall be a grater activity in the presentation from UFO, s to the world. There shall be showed 3 different kinds of forms.
Those are coming from Mars, Venus and Saturn. Also shall be tried making more contact with humanity.
With the intention to make less fear because there is a lot of fear by humanity for other life forms.

These contacts can be very different for everyone. Especially because of the existing fear not to make any bigger than it is. The meaning is to let people slowly used to these contacts. There will be no interfering at the human will. Every human makes his own decision when he is ready for that contact. An result from this contacts can be an higher state of energy. This can give a feeling of irritation or uneasiness that you cannot give place. The best thing to do is to do something so that the brain is not to go overreacting. Try not to explain the experience let it be for what it is.
These reactions can happen, but are not a rule. It can be as a result from the information which is given during that contact but cannot be taken in the consciousness already. The uneasiness witch you are aware  of is that you know there is something but you cannot lay your hand on it. Let it go is the best thing to do. When the time is right you know.

© Thea Lagendijk

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