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Iasos and Peter Mergener


is a American Music Creator,specializing in celestial,  heavenly, inter-dimensional music.

He is also one of the original founders of "New Age"  music.

More recently,he has been focusing on creating celestial visuals to go with his music.

For many years I uses his music regulair with workshops and seminars because for me it was an extra "helping hand" to let people experience the worlds where I was talking about. Also as an completing sound for some of my own visuals I make.In june and juli 2011 I had the pleaser and honour to invite and work with him in my center Larapinta for 3 different workshops. It was an real and beautiful experience. 


Peter Mergener

is also a Music creator and lives in Germany. His music is also Soulmusic. He also makes every year  Sound and Light visuals in the subgrounds from the Kaiserthermen in Trier.

He has made an special CD Energie und Kraft aus dem Schieferstollen where he the energie from that place in Nordenau transformed in music and I transformed the energy in visuals from that place.

Together we have given an proformance with visuals in Germany at that place. That also was an real beatiful experience.


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