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Newsletter december 2014

Hello reader,

The year 2014 is just a short time away .

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With the eye at the many changes that toke place I desided to tell the story of a starchild.
I wish you all a good 2014 were you manifest your selfs and are who you are ment to be.
Much readingplaeser and HEART greetings,

The story of a star-child.

I always knew that the earth was not my home place. There was always a feeling of homesick.
A feeling belonging to another world and difficult to stay connected with and stays on the earth.
My friends from childhood on were the one in different worlds and I got the name to have a great fantasy when I spoke about them.
Soon I learned not to talk about them. People did not understand it.
The years pass by and I learned to survive at planet earth. There were moments I even thought that I was happy and I was. But on and on game that feeling that I did not belong here. What was I? Why could I not be happy with the things "normal "people were? The feeling that I was not normal was feed when I talked about the pain that I had when someone was telling a lie or was not being him or herself. I hated it and I could not understand why they are doing this. In my family I knew as the one who gave trouble and not to deal with. I was the one who was spoiled too much.
But why was I the one when they had troubles were they game to? I asked them many times and the answer was always the same. My answers were the truth and they felt that. Not that that gave a band with my family. Always they mistrusted my acting. I could not do those things I did without expecting something in return. I was a great liar in their eyes.
A lot of pain, misunderstanding and more were necessary for me to learn accept that people are who they are. But that this not means that they cannot accept that there are persons who think and act different. It takes a long time before I had the courage to find myself good as I am.
Much longer takes it before I could accept that I was a human also and that it is a part of humanity to judge and think in good and wrong. That this was the reason was why I was born here at this earth. To learn to understand that it belongs to the human evolution and that it finally is a great gift to be a human. Because the only way to go in a higher spiral of evolution for humanity they have to know both sides good and bad. Only then can humanity make a choice witch way to go and find out that there is no good or bad.
Now I can say that I love planet earth and I am thankful that I am here.
Yes, it still gives me pain when I see how human act and react to each other. Especially when people do or wish not understand why someone acts different than they are used to.
But I have hope. I see that humanity is awakening. That more and more people are going to think about their lives and more and more opens to think about the possibility about other worlds and life forms. Maybe, someday they recognized that they are a star child to. Just born here to learn the lessons and to help every human getting to be whom or what they real are. Without any limits about whatever experienced.  And then we can really say we are all one big family. May all the starchilds will be recognized and be a big help for humanity to pass over this big step forwards in evolution.
A starchild.
© Thea Lagendijk


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