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newsletter september 2011

For most of the people the holidays are over.
Now it is time to share the summer experiences.
I will start at the end of the last days before the summer holidays.

At the last days before the holidays season Iasos gave three workshops for Larapinta.
To me it was a big success and most of the people are sharing this opinion relying on the reactions of the people that experienced one or more workshops.
It was a big present for me to hear and see the way most of the people where acting with the different themes of the workshops. The Love and Harmony that the people are showing for their self and all the others were very warm and special to experience and felt like a big warm bath and was one big party. The effort the people took to step out of their daily live, with so much attention for itself and showing  their self with their own real beauty, without worrying  what others would think of. The pleasure that I have seen on the faces and the (self-) respect that they dared to show and share with one another was overwhelming.  

I know how much courage it needs to show yourself in your most vulnerable way. And everybody had the courage to show it and do it. With this way of acting they also made a statement for the whole world that it is possible to be who you want to be without getting hurt. Be who you want to be without judging each other creates more harmony. Then everything is in perfect order and you don’t have to worry if it is right or wrong. As a human you only have to accept that it is right the way it is. Then there is no space for competition between people about who is the best. Everybody is equal.
Iasos was impressed about the level of openness and the will to understand the unknown factors about what real life means and what we can do with it to help each other and accepting other life forms as well and the will to work and learn together for the benefit of each life form. He never experienced it at this way. It is a BIG compliment for each participant.

It's been a summer about we can say that for all humanity it has been more different as usual. The last two months each human is more and more coming face to face with things that doesn’t fit no longer to himself or humanity. However you look at it, you can’t deny the changes in your selves and the world. It isn’t possible anymore to close your eyes for the changes all around you. The changes vibrates trough the whole world. Everything  as human what  we trusted and used for our self confidence that isn’t  with the right intention or is not real coming from inside ourselves,  is getting pushed into our consciousness to change it.

It isn’t possible anymore to deny dissatisfactions and losing yourself in material things. When you try to push it away, immediately your emotions react on it.  Whether if this is reflected by a holiday that literally fell into the water, or financial loss, or loss of special people or work. The way it shows is different for every human, but the reason why is equal for everybody. You can read more about it at the different articles in Dutch or English.

© Thea Lagendijk

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