Larapinta English version



My name is Thea Lagendijk and I have a center called Larapinta.
Larapinta is an Aboriginal word meaning water and flat (uncultivated) land.
There is also a Larapinta trail.

The name and the plan the name is connected to, is given to me for over 30 years ago.
It means to me that by following your own path, you created new idea's (material), so the undeveloped land can be cultivated by following the natural flow of evolution for each human (water)
The former name from Larapinta "Kalihamsa"(which means the spiritual soul bird building a bridge to the source) was for me the path to learn to follow this natural flow and to express the insights that came to me.

My wish is that everybody who walks his path can cultivate their undeveloped land from the material Larapinta has to offer so they can share it with each other.
Over the years Larapinta has increasingly developed its own approach in all disciplines where she works and introduced new methods which emerged from its own Source and experience.
The experience shows that these methods qualitatively are giving an added value and better results.
Larapinta is a source from which everyone can benefit, and therefore it stands for the natural flow of people to fully develop their own path in harmony with all that is and their own consciousness to express.

The reason why I started with an English version of my website is to reach more people all over the world and give them the opportunity to learn from my own experiences in life.
I know that my English is not perfect, so am I, but it is readable.
I dedicate this website to all beings in this world and other worlds who helped me to be who I am and to all humans who willshare and work for equality, respect, harmony, peace and love for every living being on earth and in the whole universe in and other life forms.

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