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What is going on.

The year 2011 is a year where the "female" Ying aspect of the human being is very important.

First some examples of what this means.                                                                                     

All the females on this planet had to be an example and also the keepers of this Ying energy in every possible aspect.

They had the responsibility to keep this form of energy exist and explore for eons of times.

Think about this energy form as emotions, the receiving aspect, intuition, thoughtfulness, softness, tolerance, sharing, etc.

All these aspects needed to become out in her most full expression into the world.

This time it is not only the female to carry and express, but also the male have to developing this Ying energy, and make it an added value in the expression of their selves.

The time has come that the Ying energy can only be expressed the way it is meant to be.

Not the way the females used it, all eons of time, when they had the capacity and responsibility to integrate it upon this planet earth.

Now also the male have the capacity and the responsibility to balance this energy in their selves and express it into the world we live in, at the way it is meant to be.

And that can be very, very confusing.

This is because, until recently, there were many patterns that were needed for this energy to anchor it in and on this earth. 

But now it has no longer any effect the way it worked out before and those patterns are no longer needed.

Because everything what was possible is settled. 

The whole evolution is taking a big step forward are there more upcoming possibilities in every way.

And the human race has to be awakening and learn how and what they really are and where they came from. 

Not only as human but also what the source of existing is.

They have to remember again that there are more life sources in the universe and all life is connected with each other.

For the human evolution it is necessary that they learn to share and are aware that they have to take their responsibility and real meaning of existing as a human and work that out.

The first step humanity has to do is connected again with the source of every living thing.

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©Thea Lagendijk


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