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Ying and Yang

Centuries of time the man had to anchor the yang energy as male and he was the keeper of this energy. This also has created certain patterns.

The man had the duty to ensure that his family could eat and was safe so he went hunting, and made war,earn money.

So you can say the man was the carrierand keeper of the material aspect and had to learn to express and maintain this and the woman was the keeper and carrier of the spiritual aspect and she had to learn to express maintain this.

Just because the ying and the yang energy, in separate positions, has become into the highest form of expression, is it now possible that male and female energy come together in as well the man and the women to learn and to give a more balanced expression of both aspects. 

If this separation of energy's would remain, force is needed to gain balance. Then only the duality can stop with a struggle.

Not that they want it that way, but only because it is a pattern of eons of time, and the understanding trough experience of what the ying- and yang energy content are not consciously experienced from within, but is more known by the stories of others. 

In other words, these energies are only seen and known which came from the duality principle.

The danger that came with it can be found in the entire history of mankind. Manipulation; winner or loser,perpetrator or victim etc. . . . It was just the way it was and how the role was played.

Now the time has come that the people can learn to see that both, perpetrator and victim played the same role and there is no distinction. This is a time to merge and realize that nobody is better or worse, but everyone is equal to any other person.

The only difference between people is the way they play their role. And that is different from person to person.

As example somebody is sad: someone solves it by crying and another one by laughter. Does it make a difference how sad somebody is?

No, it is only the way they look at it and express it from their own experience, that they understand better the one who cries or the one who laughter.

Because humanity has become further and further from their feelings, and more and more losing their self in material things to get rid of dissatisfaction and sorrow, they become deaf for their inner voice/feelings.

That also makes it impossible to hear the inner voice from other people.

Humanity becomes so anxious that she often does not even dare to look or listen to their selves. Listen to your own inner voice is the first that is required to recognize yourself again and to learn to express yourself as you are mend to be.

Important is that humanity becomes aware of being human.That she cannot be separated from the rest of the humanity.That every human living on this earth, have the right to expresses its own individuality. No more and no less.

Humans need to get more self-confidence and they have to admit that everything they need is already there. They need to rediscover what they really need to express for themselves.

Because for a long time humanity only been busy to prove that he can live on this earth,he forgot to look at the things which he was grown.

This whole process of humanity is a consequence of the fact that people becomes further on the path of evolution.

This is one of the mysteries about the end of the widely discussed Maya calendar. When they made this calendar they didn’t know if humanity had the willing, and be able to sustain this growth.

Because there will be much to be demolished. That was the reason why they said the world would end. These were based on the possibility that people would choose not to function as humanity on this earth. And that they would not have the willing to share with each other based on equality.

Now, humanity is connected to this old collective fear and will be confronted with its destructiveness which many people react on. People “protected” themselves, so when it becomes so far they will survive. 

In the past and now on some leaders gratefully make abuse of this fear. Create fear and people stop fighting or are going to fight, exceptions not included.

Because of this consciously or unconsciously fear, humanity became and still is a willing toy for those who know “better”.Therefore it is very important to see all the things in the right perspective.

I remember on one of my “journeys” I’ve been trained by one of my teachers to learn the difference between “east” and “west. The need and the plan were it related on.

One of my questions was, why people is the eastern countries are so superstitious,and are doing everything with the saying; it is the willing of God, Buddha, Imam Mahdi, Mohammed, Allah, etc. In the western countries they also use it; by the will of God, but in another way as they use it in the east. Also that in the eastern countries people work, but they stop working when they have enough. (I am aware that in these days this is different) For me as a western citizen it was a very big difference. Because the western was and is still trying to give everything place at the material way.A big House, a big car, three or four times a year on vacation. Name it.Achieve, prove that you are something, somebody. That is for most western people a part of their status.Are you famous, do you have followers, do you have a good powerful position, and you are someone.When you have none of these you’re nothing worth.

Look to the sixties when they warm welcomed all foreigners to their countries, mostly to clean the toilet.

But now the economy is getting worse, they get no respect anymore for this because they become a threatening, for the time we have to do this work by ourselves, ” maybe than you have no work because of them”. Not because they are foreigner, but only because of the reason they see them as a threatening.The worst is that most people often think themselves to be too good for the job, but they don’t say it loudly. Only, with saying loudly that you don’t want to do those jobs can solve much aggression for a lot of humans. And that can be so effective, and have such a large scale, that ¾ of the problem can be solved.

We do not need to keep that mirror alive at this way.

Recur to the conversation with my teacher/master. He explained me, that because of the evolution it is necessary that all aspects of the ying- and yang energy that were possible had to be put down on this earth, because whenever time is right these energy can be add together in the people to create more possibilities. In this expansion time it wasn’t possible for the people to see it in the right way.Everything that can be a possible danger for humanity and other realms of nature because of harmful incorrect interpretation,they held it unconscious and intangible. Just to be an example for now.

The mission of the eastern people is now to translate their superstitions, as a cause of the overwhelming ying energy, into yang energy or in other words action/ vigor.And the western people had to put this too much yang energy (matter) into ying energy/power, more feeling and intuition. This whole process ensured that the last years it is much easier to travel to theeastern countries and from the eastern to the west.

This is also a reason that in all countries more foreigners came, for humanity to get used, on a natural way, to the process of sharing. When people speak about sharing mostly they see it as exchange of material energy.

But it is intended as a mixing and exchanging of ying and yang, matters and spirit. Feelings and thoughts together makes intuition.

The nature of people is to reject everything that is different, therefore the masters chosen to show it from the outside and then, from the free will of the people, the people can choose to integrate it in themselves.

Because every human has its own mission and is different in life, there are lots of aspects of the ying and yang energy that doesn’t belongs to you.

Humans have now reached the point that they have to be conscious about their selves and conscious about what they need to exist in the way they intend to be/their mission.

They get stimulated to except their mission yes or no. This doesn’t mean that they directly ready to perform their mission. But their willingness and choice had to be with the right intention.

Now you have to say yes or no to the person you really are. Not the way you want to be but just who you are in all its aspects, in as well ying and yang energy. Not separated ying or yang but your whole energy field as the human you are.

This alone gives a lot of confusion for humanity.

In the past it was possible to put the ying or the yang aside and reject it. This doesn’t work anymore. The effect of this energy individually, I will describe separately.

With adding both energies together it created for people a sort of short circuit in their selves. They notice that whatever they do, it works differently than before. 

That’s logical, something has increased in the people and that has to find the right place inside,to get to expression.

©Thea Lagendijk

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