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The changes for humanity male & female

The changes and consequences for humanity while bringing those ying and yang energy together. Ying and Yang = Love,balance.
What does these changes in energy means for both sexes?.

For the woman it means that she can’t stand beside when it becomes matters that affects here and that she have to change.

All the things that she carried as a female for eons of time are being touched. She can’t be satisfied anymore with the things from which she knows that could be different. The female have to give up this pattern of eons of time and had to come in action when there are things that are not satisfying.

The pattern that Man comes from mars and Woman from Venus doesn’t exist anymore when it is used in a situation where the woman can use her own yang energy to change that situation. 
With the yang power I mean, she has to put her intuitive thoughts and ideas, that she knows and experience from her ying power, into the matters. 

Then the women have to let go of all the patterns, the grief and the impotency of being unable. It requires having confidence that anything is possible.

The only thing the female need is, to let go of all patterns and experience,and reconsider everything at a new way. The problems that can brings with it, are much, but not impossible.

One of the problems is that much woman had unpleasant experience with man. If this is in this life or in past lives doesn’t matter. There is so much impotence, anger and grief saved inside the woman. They gave it a place and learn to handle with it. But it created an image of the man that can be very restrictive.

All female had to hold on this pattern, it was a way to survive, which was necessary to maintain, with the purpose to save the ying energy on this earth. So the ying energy had the time to develop and to survive in spite of difficult circumstances.

The woman learned to transform her resistance and dissatisfaction, when she doesn’t want something, into different patterns in the mental as well the emotional area. There are many different ways that they use this weapon; some makes themselves very weak, the other emotional, another act tough or the stupid blonde, my husband is a macho or doesn’t understand me, he doesn’t listen, etc. Which pattern they take was depending on the situation, conscious or unconscious.
Adding both energies together in every human, for the woman it evoke resistance and they react in patterns you read above.  Because they think, that this is the safest way to resist. She thinks that when she put it in matter and using words for their feelings,then she is vulnerable for a man, and that is what she doesn’t want anymore.  She wants to be vulnerable, but under her own control, until her threshold of pain. The moment pain and grief touched it, is save to have a hiding place/shelter. Because she is sure of one thing, that she never want to be the victim anymore. 

As long as the females hold on to that pattern,then it is not possible to have peace in their selves. There is too much pain and sorrow so that they cannot totally relax. Because of the thought, that when you can feel much better is everything more touchable, also the pain and they know that they cannot carry this anymore. There arises a fear in the woman. There are two possibilities.

To abandon to impotence of being unable (old patterns) or stand up and learn to trust the new energy and experience that this is giving more power and less pain. The first thing as a female you have to learn is to have a different approach and to inspect if this is right. Then you realize that the old opinion isn’t right anymore. It brings only more confusion.

On a save way you can learn to see and experience what yang energy is about. Then slowly you get a better understanding of the man. And you learn that also the man had to go this way,and has its pain and sorrow to maintain en develop the yang energy on earth.  This creates a lot of understanding about the way the man acts, and the fear to play the “underdog” is getting smaller.

The next phase is to get out of your comfort zone and to learn to admit that the woman itself made that the man acts the way he acts. The women were faced with her own masks she uses. Is she willing to turn off? Saying yes is easy, but then you have to use your capabilities. When you don’t want it, you have to confess what you really want/ who you really are. You can’t hide anymore behind those old patterns. You have to be clear about what you want or do not want. The result is that you have to face the next fear. The fear to be lonely or to stand isolated in this world. The thoughts can came out as "What can happen when I refuse or when I follow my desires. Then I am not loved and liked, they think I am crazy or they can see that I’ve played a role." The woman now has aconfrontation with her amount of self value. The willingness, for eons of time, to put water into the wine in detriment of themselves and that she don’t want and could not do anymore etc. Even if she still senses this tendency. And then she judges herself as an egoist, a not feeling cold frog etc.

But when she really looks further then she only sees that she is saying goodbye to an ancient vision. The new vision is not clear and that is what it makes so anxious. What will happen when the new vision is not right? The first tendency is to tear all things down or to continue to scarify. But after a period this doesn’t satisfies. When the female can accept that this is a period for acclimatization and through adding both energies she comes to herself, then there is a lot won. She learns to see that this can be the reason that she has the need to have a function beyond the family. Or she gives up this function because it is clear that the motive of this function was to oppose to be a woman, with the reason that she don’t want to depend on a man. 

For this moment it is important to accept and integrate these processes.

An important note is that we don’t have to forget that in these eons of time, all women once been a man also on this earth and all man has been woman once on this earth. Who can say what’s worse. Everyone has male and female energies experiences within itself. And the time has come to learn to express both, without any guilt or victim feelings.

The changes for the male while bringing ying and yang energy together.

First he has to learn to express the yang energy on a totally different way.
For centuries the male had cultivate the male principle, from a pattern of conflict, power and war, and to be maintained on this earth in all different ways. Now it is time to let go this pattern and violence and war isn’t a need anymore. The man had to be conscious about the fact that violence and power doesn’t work anymore, it’s a dead end. He must learn to be aware of the ying energy in himself and accept this. Is it for a female confusing to deal with the yang energy, for a male it is much more confusing to deal with the ying energy.  Especially for the western European man it gives his difficulties.

For eons of time the male played the role, to take care for his family. To be sure that his family was safe had enough food and fair level of existence. Now, in this time he experiences that there are more and more woman that provides themselves, (because of the yang energy in the woman), and that his function for this isn’t a need anymore.
Seen from the perspective of the male, he is becoming more unnecessary.

But this isn’t what is very important anymore, it is the added value that is given to himself, and that it is possible to express his energy on a different way on this planet.But first he has to accept and learn how to use this ying energy in himself at a more conscious way. More complete, the same as the woman, more in unity. The male is still needed because; he has the mission, with his energy to put things into the matter. The female, at her turn, still carries the spiritual energy. Male and female have to be aware that they can’t live without each other.

This doesn’t mean that every man or woman needs a partner. It is important that these energies are maintained on earth. Temporary is it still better to anchor these energies in separate bodies. In the future the human bodies are getting used to this new way of capacity and energies, than the human body can change. Then both energies can be carried and anchored by both sexes. Now it is too stressful for the human body.

Return to the male again. He begins to be more conscious about the effects of his actions. Also for the male counts, that what before was normal, at this time it does not give the satisfaction that he used to have. He is getting a stronger need to let the matter and wants more to have a moment doing nothing. The pattern of this change can express as guilt, extinguished,anger, only interest for computer or sports, where he can prove that he is the “strong man” as before.

When there is a strong resistance you can see symptoms like above. For the man it feels like there is no way out and he failed for himself and his family. The first reaction is to bite more into the matter. He put everything outside himself, before he can admit that it is his own dissatisfaction and, above all, the fear for the future.  The man is more focused to live from his brains and to live in the future, than living in the now. He experience that the future isn’t as certain as he always thought. So he has to solve this first with his own energy. The relation isn’t the same; the boss is demanding more, all people changed,etc.

At the moment he is aware that the real reason is in him and start to accept this, than the transformation can express on a conscious way.  The man learns to listen to himself and to express his vulnerability. Now at a more controlled manner.He is going to see that his emotions don't have to come out with violence when he expresses these more directly. He can also see that he is now more necessary in the way of contribute at home, attention for his partner and the children.  He learns that, with his participation in this and the bigger evolvement, his vision about the role play of man and woman is changing.

He becomes more willing to admit that the woman, on her way, has the same problems as he has.This all will makes that the norms and values take place for understanding for each other. The males need to accept that they are not the only one to take responsibility and care of all material things anymore.  That it is not longer at the detriment of their being.He learns that he has the right to choose, and that there is a solution for everything, if he will listen to the female aspects in himself.

In the beginning he will need someone in shape of a woman who helps him to fully admit the female aspect and don’t let this feel as a weak part of himself. When he admit and accept both parts it will become one. But the male have to admit you have to work together on a totally different way. Not in the manner of winner or loser. He also learns, because of this process, that there is no difference in being a human for sexes, a male or a female. That it is only the way they act that is different, and that it has nothing to do with to be weak or strong. With this understanding the man has to go through a strong process of feelings of guilt. This because he first realizes what he has done as a man for ages. It is important that he realize, just as the woman, that it has no use, because this whole process of being naturally developed, he didn’t know better. Now you know better so now you can choose. When you choose to go on the old way, then you will come in situations to learn to see the difference between old patterns and new possibilities, which can be expressed when you approach it in a new way. 

As long a male is willing to take full responsibility for his acts and will take the consequences of making a choice not to change, no one can blame him.
Do not forget that every male have lived lives also as a woman. So also experience the ying energy, and had taken his unconscious fears and experiences with this.

©Thea Lagendijk


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